Welcome to the Redish Lab at the University of Minnesota

Another new paper published!

A. A. Duin, L. Aman, B. Schmidt, A. D. Redish (2021) “Certainty and uncertainty of the future changes planning and sunk costsBehavioral Neuroscience. https://doi.org/10.1037/bne0000460

New review paper including lab members AD Redish and Ugurcan Mugan:

L. T. Hunt, N. D. Daw, P. Kaanders, M. A. MacIver, U. Mugan, E. Procyk, A. D. Redish, E. Russo, J. Scholl, K. Stachenfeld, C. R. E. Wilson, N. Kolling (2021) “Formalising planning and information search in naturalistic decision-makingNature Neuroscience. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41593-021-00866-w

Three new papers published!

O. L. Calvin, A. D. Redish (2021) “Global Disruption in Excitation-Inhibition Balance Can Cause Localized Network Dysfunction and Schizophrenia-Like Context-Integration DeficitsPLoS Computational Biology 17(5): e1008985.

B. Schmidt, A. D. Redish (2021) “Disrupting the medial prefrontal cortex with DREADDs alters hippocampal sharp-wave ripples and their associated cognitive processesHippocampus. 10.1002/hipo.23367. 1-17.

R. Kazinka, A. W. MacDonald III, A. D. Redish (2021) “Sensitivity to sunk costs depends on attention to the delayFrontiers in Psychology 12:373.

About the lab

Exploring the information processing that underlies decision-making, with the goals of (1) furthering our understanding of how multiple decision-making (learning and memory) systems interact to produce behavior, and then (2) applying the theories that arise from the neurophysiology and computational modeling to explain dysfunctional and broken behavioral-control systems.