Welcome to the Redish Lab at the University of Minnesota

Congratulations to now-lab-alum now-Dr. Cody Walters, PhD!  Cody is off to join the editorial staff at Cell.

See the new UMN Legacy article on what we're doing at NeuroPRSMH:

Meeting of the minds:Through creative collaboration, U of M neuroscientists and mental health experts are translating scientific breakthroughs into life-changing care.https://legacy.umn.edu/stories/meeting-of-the-minds

New paper now available:

R. Kazinka, A. W. MacDonald III, A. D. Redish (2021) “Sensitivity to sunk costs depends on attention to the delayFrontiers in Psychology 12:373.

About the lab

Exploring the information processing that underlies decision-making, with the goals of (1) furthering our understanding of how multiple decision-making (learning and memory) systems interact to produce behavior, and then (2) applying the theories that arise from the neurophysiology and computational modeling to explain dysfunctional and broken behavioral-control systems.