Rat in a lego maze

Current personnel

Post-docs and Research Scientists

  • Dr. Brandy Schmidt, PhD
  • Dr. Geoffrey Diehl, PhD
  • Dr. Olivia Calvin, PhD
  • Dr. Paul Cunningham, PhD
  • Dr. Ugurcan Mugan, PhD

Graduate Students

  • Rebecca Kazinka (Psychology, co-advised with Dr. Angus MacDonald)
  • Adrina Kocharian (Neuroscience, co-advised with Dr. Patrick Rothwell)
  • Luca Galbraith (Physics, co-advised with Dr. Jim Kakalios)


  • Amber McLaughlin


  • Chris Boldt
  • Kelsey Seeland
  • Ayaka Sheehan

Undergraduate students

  • Samantha Hoffman
  • Olivia Patterson
  • Kevin Singh

Past personnel (where are they now?)

Former Postdocs

  • Rachel Anderson, PhD (Postdoc 2018-2019) : Assistant Professor, Bethel University, Roseville, MN.
  • Evan Carter, PhD (Post-doc 2013-2016): Post-doc, Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen MD.
  • Nathan Schultheis, PhD (Post-doc 2013-2015): Research Scientist, Florida International University
  • Yannick Breton, PhD (Post-doc 2012-2016) : Senior Advisor, Metrics and Reporting for the Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives initiative, Montreal Canada.
  • Sei-ichiro Amemiya, PhD (Post-doc 2012-2016) : Researcher, Riken
  • Zeb Kurth-Nelson PhD (Post-doc 2009-2011): Senior Research Scientist, DeepMind.
  • Matthijs van der Meer PhD (Post-doc, 2007-2010): Associate Professor, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH.
  • Pratibha Aia M.D. (Post-doc, 2002): Associate in Neurology, Emory University School of Medicine.

Former Graduate Students

  • Cody Walters (Neuroscience, PhD 2021): Associate Editor, Nature Communications.
  • Brendan Hasz (Neuroscience, PhD 2020): Data Scientist, C. H. Robinson.
  • Brian Sweis (Neuroscience, PhD 2018) : Research-Track Resident, Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC.
  • Samantha Abram (Clinical Psychology, PhD, 2017) : Internship/postdoc, UCSF.
  • Jeff Stott (Neuroscience, PhD, 2015) : Post-doc, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH.
  • Andy Papale (Graduate Student, PhD, 2015) : Post-doc, University of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Paul Regier (Graduate Student, PhD, 2015) : Post-doc, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Philadelphia PA.
  • Nate Powell (Graduate Student, PhD, 2015) : Post-doc, University of Minnesota.
  • Adam Steiner (Graduate Student, PhD, 2014) : Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato MN.                                                                                                                 
  • Andrew Wikenheiser (Graduate Student, PhD 2014) : Assistant Professor, UCLA.
  • John Ferguson (Graduate Student, PhD 2011): Research Health Scientist, Minneapolis VA Health Care System and Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota.
  • Anoopum Gupta (Robotics Institute, CMU, PhD 2011, co-advisor with Dr. David Touretzky, CS, CMU): Neurology Resident at Harvard (Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital).
  • Adam Johnson (Graduate Student, PhD 2008): Professor, Department of Psychology, Bethel University, Minneapolis MN.  [Adam, unfortunately, passed away in 2018.  A tribute to his contributions to science can be found here and in PDF form here.]
  • Beth Masimore (Graduate Student, Physics, co-advisor, PhD 2008): Investigative Research Scientist, National Science Foundation.
  • Jadin Jackson (Graduate Student, PhD 2006): ‎Senior Principal Scientist, Brain Modulation Research, Neuromodulation R&D, Medtronic, Minneapolis MN.
  • Neil Schmitzer-Torbert (Graduate Student, PhD 2005): Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Wabash College, Crawfordsville IN.

Former PostBacs

  • Matthew Erickson: Graduate Student IUPUI.
  • Anneke Duin: Post-Bac, NIH, Josh Gordon Lab.